Mental and Emotional Support Group

MESS is a support network for women who suffer with their mental health. 

Providing safe space and support groups.


Welcome to Mess


What is MESS?

The name MESS stands for mental and emotional support sisterhood, the sessions are currently held on a Monday at 5:30 till 6:30 pm 

There is no charge to come but we have a donation pot for people to volunteer £1 or £2 whatever is comfortable for you. 

We have a quick check in on arrival and sign our confidentiality register and get a drink, then we have 5 minutes mindfulness to calm down from the day and let our mind join our bodies in the room. 

Then we have a lot of very relaxed and casual chat about whatever pops up really and swap tips on coping and similar experiences and then before we know it I’m asking everyone to check out because we’re out of time. 

It’s very friendly and laid back and there is no pressure to say anything. 

The session is lead very much by the people who turn up on the day, which changes week to week too, and that’s fine there is no obligation to come every week. 

It is all about what feels right for you. 

Why was MESS created


I have suffered over 10 years with various mental health problems and have tried many different methods of control. 

The best thing I have ever found is talking about how I feel to people who understand and hearing them talk about things I could relate to. 

It’s a very powerful tool to talk!

Where are we


We are based in Huddersfield currently.

But you never know what the future might hold, mental health is everywhere.


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